Our Creations

No muss, no fuss, just the pictures of the food that we serve every day in our company restaurants.

Beef stew with sesame oil and soy caramel, homemade spätzli and grilled pakchoi

Sea bream fillet with traditional curry, carnaroli rice with butter and Parmiggiano, mashed peas

Season vegetable millefeuille, spicy tomato juice and fresh herbs ricotta

Sea bream fillet, potatoes Dauphinois, sweet and sour blueberry emulsion

Gambas and vegetables skewer, curry sauce, pilaf rice

Duck magret with apricots, couscous and pepper-candied fennel

Roasted guinea fowl with thyme, homemade spätzli, cauliflower gratin

Roast lamb with rosemary and honey, vegetable quinoa and spinach pudding

Salmon papillot with fennel and South-African pepper, aniseed quinoa, grilled eggplant

Pike-perch fillet, saffron emulsion, bear’s garlic asparagus and fennel tatin tart

Grilled cod, thyme & lemon sauce, vegetable quinoa

Alsatian beef Fleischschnacka

Duck leg confit, potato-carrot mousseline, green peas

Tuna tataki with peanuts, potato-beetroot puree, candied cherry tomatoes

Saithe with poppy seeds, squash steaks, rosemary breadcrumbs and sweet & sour beetroot

Salmon slab with white wine sauce, polenta and parsnip

Roast lamb with honey and rosemary, baked potatoes and breadcrumb tomato

Salmon slab with yuzu and coriander, lemon thyme, taro puree with vanilla

Green risotto, Datterino tomatoes and artisanal mozzarella from Geneva

Sour appel cod, endives with orange, salt-crusted Jerusalem artichoke

Duck leg confit with citrus, baked potateos and glazed carrots

Beef stew with sesame oil and soy caramel, homemade spätzli and grilled pakchoi

Marinara spaghetti

Skate wings with lemon brown butter, pearl barley and cumin carrots