HomeBistrot’s pooled company restaurants: the best quality at the best price, guaranteed!

You don’t have much space:

We design and oversee the construction of a small kitchen and restaurant in your offices and hand-pick a small team of passionate professionals to run it. The main menus are made off-site in one of our kitchens from scratch with fresh, local ingredients by chefs who learned their trade in Michelin restaurants. We deliver them every day in refrigerated trucks, and regenerate them on-site. The starters, desserts and some “minute” dishes are cooked in your kitchen, to make sure you get the best of both worlds.

In short: our system takes little space and investment, but offers all the advantages of a “full-scale” company restaurant.

The diversity of their menus, along with its constant quality, makes us look forward to lunch every single day.


Philippe Chatelain, CEO, Inexto

You already have a company restaurant or you want to build one:

We work hand-in-hand with you to design a restaurant concept that matches your exact specifications. We manage your restaurant, and send a team of highly-skilled chefs with Michelin-star restaurants experience who cook food from scratch, with fresh, local ingredients.

And that’s where it gets interesting: if you choose to do so, HomeBistrot integrates your kitchen into its partners’ network. We equip your restaurant with the required equipment and we cook in larger quantities, and deliver menus to nearby HomeBistrot restaurants that don’t have a full-scale kitchen – while paying you a commission on every meal sold.

The end result: your food is cooked and served by passionate professionals, using the freshest ingredients, and you add a new profit center that may even cover the costs of your restaurant over time.

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”

Harriet van Horne

Local -

Whenever possible, HomeBistrot sources its ingredients directly from the farmers – there’s only our kitchens between their fields and your plate. By avoiding intermediaries, we are proud to pay a fair price to our suppliers while providing the best quality to our clients.

Optimized -

When you work with HomeBistrot, you get access to our network of kitchens: wood ovens, infusers, dehydraters and other gastronomic goodies instantly become available for the creation of your menus. And our pooled restaurant system creates large economies of scale: you get the best quality at the best price, guaranteed!

Passionnate -

Under the direction of Chef Cristian Cattozzo, our kitchens are full of passionate professionals who spend all their time working on your menus in an environment that promotes creation and sharing. The HomeBistrot model finally allows gastronomy to enter company restaurants at an affordable cost, from 50 to 3’000 employees!


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